Can we make your web site show up well in Google & Bing?

Yes, we have been very successful helping clients increase their search presence on Google and Bing. You would need to choose our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Option, especially if it is a start-up website.

Can we do your Business Listing or correct it on Google & Bing?

Yes, this is a web option at we offer. We can also correct incorrect information.

Can we host your web site?

Yes. If we build or re-design your web site then we will host it. We offer hosting ONLY to our web clients, not as a stand alone service.

Why do we insist on hosting sites that we build?

We run our premium-quality servers that are compatible with the web platforms and software that we install and run on our web sites. We cannot guarantee that your site is fully functional on “outside” or “budget” servers and choose not to build sites on servers that we cannot control.

Can we handle your domain name so you don't lose it or get it stolen?

Yes. If you are a web client of ours, we monitor your domain name and work with you to make sure it’s renewed on time.

Can we get a domain name for you?

Yes, we have our own Domain Registration Service. For start-up websites, we provide your (non-premium) domain name 1 year at no cost. Then you pay to renew it after that.

Can we help with updates on your web site?

Yes, if we built the site.

Can we give you access to your web site to do your own updates?

Yes, if you choose our CMS (Content Management System) option, we build the site so that you can update some or all of it.

Do we provide training to update your website?

Yes, we offer training at an hourly rate, starting at $65 per hour, depending on how many people are involved and where training takes place.

Can we write the content for your web site?

Yes, we offer content writing as an additional option or as part of your web site estimate.

Can we create a new logo for you?

Yes. We work with our sister company, Blue Heron, to create logos, graphics, ads, brochures and more.