Who We Are

Virginia Dahms
Founder & CEO

Virginia sent her first E-mail in 1989 while working as a researcher in Biophysics at the University of Illinois.   She was one of the earliest users of Netscape, the world’s first web browser, and Eudora, the first icon-based E-mail program, both of which were developed at the University of Illinois.

She saw the potential of the Internet and left academia to start a private company that provided web sites, IT services, E-mail and Internet service to a growing public hungering for new communications technology.

After building her first web site in 1996 for a grain elevator cooperative, Virginia began developing other web sites for agriculture companies, family farms, and rural businesses which became the basis for Kestrel Web Design and Development and still is today.

Virginia grew up in Kansas City, graduated from the University of Southern California, and has lived in rural Illinois for many years.

Nicole HeathWeb Engineer
Fred SeiboldOffice Manager & Content Writer
Sara GoodingGraphic Designer